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Exhibitors in Focus: Wildlife Worldwide

How did your company start out? 

Managing director Chris Breen set up the company more than 20 years ago following a period working in the travel business on his return to the UK from Zambia’s Luangwa Valley, where he worked as a wildlife guide.

What tours do you offer?

A comprehensive selection of wildlife-based trips – with tailor-made itineraries for individuals and some small group fixed-date departures – to destinations all around the world.

What makes your company unique?

The knowledge, expertise and sheer enthusiasm of the dedicated staff, the attention to detail, and the care taken in planning a wildlife itinerary to fit individual requirements to almost anywhere in the world. 
What new countries and itineraries will you be offering in 2015?

A comprehensive visit to the rainforests and savannahs of Guyana’s interior,  staying at ecolodges to see birds and wildlife; a trip to Trinidad and Tobago to see some of its remarkable birdlife, bats and turtles; wildlife-based holidays to Australia and New Zealand with components that can be combined to create a longer itinerary; closer to home, a dedicated macro-photography trip to the mountains of Austria’s Tyrol.

Recommend an incredible place to stay.

Luwi Camp, South Luangwa National Park, Zambia:  four simple huts in the middle of nowhere, constructed from local materials – grass, bamboo and thatch – that are taken down at the end of each season.  There’s no electricity, the floors are of dirt, yet it’s remarkably comfortable and the en suite bathrooms provide an all-day hot showers. There’s no dining room – lunch is taken in the shade of giant mahogany trees, while dinner is at a table under the stars to the accompaniment of the sounds of the Zambian night. There are fine views over the floodplain of the Luwi River, nearby is a permanent lagoon filled with hippos and crocodiles, and wildlife wanders through the camp at will. Entertainment consists of listening to tales around the campfire.  In short, it’s the perfect location for a walking safari. Magical, mysterious, memorable – for all the right reasons…

Meet the team at Wildlife Worldwide at Destinations Manchester on stand number E38.