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Travel Photography Masterclasses - NEW

Led by professional photographer Steve Davey, these two-hour masterclasses will help sharpen your skills, iron out bad habits and give you a better understanding of your camera’s functions to enhance your travel photography. You'll also have the opportunity to submit your own photos to the course leader and receive personal feedback as part of each session. 

Full details of the masterclasses (held on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st January only) are listed below and each session costs £25 and includes entry to Destinations: The Holiday & Travel Show. Places are limited and can sell out so make sure you book your place today.

Plus, you'll receive a free copy of Foorprint's Travel Photography, written by Steve Davey, worth £19.99 to collect at the show when booking. 

Introduction to photography - £25
Saturday 20 January: 10.00am - 12.00pm  
Sunday 21 January: 10.00am - 12.00pm    
Destinations - The Holiday & Travel Show 2018, Manchester - Travel Photography MasterclassesCamera manufacturers sell you on the myth that all you need to do to take great pictures is to buy a great camera, yet many people are disappointed by the results that they come back with. This workshop will look at how you can get the most out of your camera, and the modes that it offers. The course is meant for those with a compact camera, a mirrorless camera or an entry level DSLR used on automatic. It will teach you how to improve your pictures without getting overly technical. It will encompass improving exposures and colour balance, using picture scene modes, camera use and simple composition.

On this comprehensive workshop, you will learn:

• What functions to use in your camera and which ones to ignore

• How to improve your exposures and white balance

• Simple post-processing to improve your pictures

Advanced DSLR Skills - £25
Saturday 20 January: 1.00pm - 3.00pm  
Sunday 21 January: 1.00pm - 3.00pm  

Destinations - The Holiday & Travel Show 2018, Manchester - Travel Photography Masterclasses

Your DSLR is a complicated tool, but so often photographers find themselves having their camera working against them, rather than having it working for them. People often struggle with file formats, exposure and improving their pictures in post production.

This workshop will teach you many of the advanced skills employed by professional photographers, and will include shooting in the RAW format, advanced focussing, improving exposures and managing white balance. On this comprehensive workshop, you will learn:

• The benefits of shooting RAW

• How to read a histogram and get perfect exposures

• Achieving perfect focus

Telling a story with composition - £25
Saturday 20 January: 3.30pm - 5.30pm  
Sunday 21 January: 3.30pm - 5.30pm  

Destinations - The Holiday & Travel Show 2018, Manchester - Travel Photography MasterclassesBeing able to see pictures and capture your vision with your camera is one of the greatest skills you can develop as a photographer. Largely independent of your equipment, this workshop will look at how to previsualise your pictures and tell a story in a single picture. We will look at the compositional techniques and tools that you can use to make your pictures more effective and visually complex. We will also cover the rules of composition and how you can make your pictures more visually balanced. On this workshop you will get a number of real world hints and tips from a working professional photographer, and you will learn:

• How to see pictures and work out what you want to photograph

• Techniques to employ to photograph the picture you visualised

• How to take more visually pleasing pictures by following rules of composition

Travel Photography Masterclasses host - Steve Davey
Destinations - The Holiday & Travel Show 2018, Manchester - Travel Photography MasterclassesThese workshops are run by Steve Davey; who is a working travel photographer and writer. Steve's work takes him all over the world photographing for a range of publications. Steve is the author of Footprint Travel Photography, the leading guide to travelling with your camera, which has recently been revised into an updated second edition; and the internationally best-selling Unforgettable Places to See Before You Die (BBC Books).